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Rowan S.
Berkeley, CA

OK, I have to say lightning can strike twice. In my earlier review I had great things to say about how Allen and SaveOn did a terrific job on my car window. Now I have to add an even more complimentary update for a different kind of work.

I wanted to add a skylight to my home, and called Allen as a glass expert to get a recommendation for a supplier. Turns out SaveOn is taking over NuStar Metal, which is a nearby shop that specializes in framing for windows and so on. Seems like a reasonable business move. Allen told me about how he's merging the glass business and the metal business. We talked about what I was looking for; he made some suggestions about things I hadn't thought about. Bottom line is that I now have a beautiful and very nice quality stainless steel metal framed skylight with clear glass that has transformed my formerly dark and shadowy living room.

Thank you, Allen!



Omid D.
San Francisco, CA

I would give Allen 10 stars if I could. This guy knows customer service and knows how to keep his customers happy and coming back.

I had some concerns/issues about OEM glass vs. the aftermarket and Allen helped me get the issues all squared away. Having a new 16, I wanted the extra UV protection that comes on the factory glass because California does not allow window tint on the front two windows. See here:

Allen took care of the issues that I had and got me all squared away.

I initially chose this place because of its stellar yelp reviews and I think it speaks for itself.Alan cares about his customers!

I would recommend Saveon to anyone!!! its even worth making a trip from east bay to see these guys.



Omar A.
San Francisco, CA

Good prices and very quick service. I have been here a few times and always left satisfied.



Che K.
Oakland, CA

Cut a glass there, $20/cut, $40 for 2 cut. We bought a mirror at Lowes for $20, but realized if we buy mirror there, it's only $10.

We will just buy mirror there next time. Good to know.



Kimball L.
New York, NY

My Subaru WRX had its rear passenger window smashed in the other week. It's been happening a lot in Lower Pac Heights lately, this city needs a hero now, more than ever.

Whether if its a hater or a random act of crime, I'll never know.

But one thing I do know is, Allen and the guys at SaveOn Glass are amazing. I took my car in and tried to haggle with him, but he and I both know he has the best price in town. After calling a few shops, I met Allen, he's a really nice and funny guy and dropped my car and keys off. I left to a nearby coffee shop to get some work done and was called back an hour later.

The repair was immaculate, done day of, and was the lowest price out of all the shops I called. Thanks again Allen!



Clay K.
San Francisco, CA

It's rare for me to write reviews like I'm about to write these days. As a business owner, I know the value of living up to your promises, and Alan runs a company that does exactly that.

Had my rear window busted last night, and so I called my old shop. They wanted to charge me 50 bucks more than the previous time they replaced the same window. A few other calls netted me no progress. Everybody was charging 300+ and quoting 4 hours.

I called Alan, he quoted nearly 30 percent cheaper than everybody else and a 2 hour turnaround. When I was running late, he called me to ensure I was coming in to make sure he could complete my order on time. The actual replacement service itself is exactly what you'd expect anywhere else. New window and vacuumed up glass shards. But that's not what matters. What matters is that you feel like a valued customer and not just a dollar sign. Alan has my future business.



Shaban S.
San Francisco, CA

Great service. In and out in one day and worked with me and insurance to expedite parts. Perfect!



David M.
San Francisco, CA

Woke up this morning to a completely shattered back window in my 2010 Honda Civic, all the glass was in car all over the rear deck, seats and floor. Called my insurance company that gave me 6 glass places in San Francisco. They tried to hook me up with one shop but they couldn't see me for a week and being in middle of El Niño I couldn't wait a week since I don't have a garage plus I wouldn't have use of my car. I called a couple of other places and they couldn't fix same day. I called Saveon and was told to bring car in morning and it would ready in afternoon. Got car there by 10:30 and picked up at 3:30. I was really impressed by customer service, nice people and job they did on my back window. They also vacuumed all the glass out of car. Great Job Save on Glass.




Ritu S.
San Francisco, CA

I had had my passenger window broken into and we got it replaced at SaveOn Glass. The service was great and hassle free. We were in and out within 2 hours. 2 years later that glass popped out a little bit. I called SaveOn glass and he said to bring the car by. He took a look at it and the glass just came out of the regulator and was fixed within 15 min. The owner did not charge me for this. The service has been amazing and he honors his work even 2 years later!! Completely recommend this place.



Lisa N.
San Francisco, CA

i was extremely bummed & stressed out to find that my car was vandalized. some idiot just went around beating up cars. They didn't even break in to steal anything!!! I had to replace my front & back windshields. I found this place on yelp. it was a mile away & had great ratings. I dropped off my car and they worked on it over the weekend. Took about 2 days and my baby feels almost brand new. Cost me $466.



Ryan R.
San Francisco, CA

I've had both a windshield and a rear window replaced here this year. Both times they took my appointment immediately, offered a substantially better price than two other places I called (Safelite Auto and another local shop), and fixed the windows while I waited. Window/windshield fixes have been perfect. Thank you guys so much. In a like San Francisco where auto break-ins happen everywhere and law enforcement does nothing (nearly every street is covered in glass shards in the majority of the downtown area), a good window glass shop like SaveOn is a lifesaver.



Julia T.
Portola Valley, CA

I came here because my car got broken into. After looking for an open shop for a few days, I had AAA call and they recommended this place. The owner was super accommodating. He had the window I needed delivered from the east bay as soon as he heard of my situation and it came within a few hours and he was able to fix my car the same day, including vacuuming and sweeping up all the glass. I would recommend this place to anyone!



Auden W.
San Francisco, CA

Got my car broken into and this place had the glass window ready to be fixed on the spot. Pulled into the garage... The dude told me 1 hour so I took a walk to grub... Got a call within 20 mins that it was done. Slap the cash on the table and it was good to go.... He also vacuumed my car too for a bit. Decent price for the efficient work and smooth transaction. would recommend to all who needs glass work done!



Gabriele H.
San Francisco, CA

Quick, reasonable, nice place.

I was laughing at that bad review where someone got upset because Alan couldn't help her because she didn't have the glass dimensions.




Bridget B.
San Francisco, CA

SaveOn Glass made what could have been a stressful post-break-in experience as easy and hassle-free as it could have been! The owner was so responsive and willing to take my car in ASAP to fix the broken rear window. I was able to drop off my car first thing in the morning, and my window was replaced by 3 PM that same day.

No hassle in working with car insurance policies, and quick, quality work. Very grateful for this excellent service!



jaf D.
Alameda, CA

Ad another 5+ for Allen and his team. Classic grade A small business. Don't get used to this kind of service in San Francisco because these kinds of service business are being forced out of business as they turn into new condos. Got connected to Allen by the Safelite service desk associated with USAA (after trying to tell me their store near SFO and Park Street Alameda were close and convenient!). Had tinted passenger window for my Nissan XTerra in-stock and said "can you come now?" Seriously? Yes. Pulled in. Done while I waited. Allen even offered to find and take care of the bastard that broke into my car. That's service. (OK, kidding about the last bit)



jenah y.
San Francisco, CA

SaveOn Glass is the only place to go to repair your broken glass car window! Staff is really helpful and take drop-ins. Drop off car in am and pick up car in a few hours (for me everything was done in about an 1hr) plus prices are the best in SF. Dont forget to check-in on yelp to get $15 off!

I have been here 4x now over the past 10yrs and have not had a bad experience.



Richard A.
San Francisco, CA

Thanks to Allen and his gang for friendly, quick and efficient service. It was a simple rear passenger window replacement (thanks to whomever broke into my car). They worked with my insurance, ordered an extra part, keep in touch and there ya have it, all finished and working. Great!



Olivia R.
San Francisco, CA

Just a great neighborhood spot that will take care of all your glass needs. From lamps, to mirrors, to car windshields and windows. They do it all, and at a fair price.



Eve C.
San Francisco, CA

They were so helpful and efficient. I was frustrated because I could not find a place to fix my window quickly and then did it and were friendly and did a great job!!